ISI Bike Carrier Review

I have been asked about my bike rack so many times as we travel around Australia so thought it was time to do a review and point people here.


I have owned a number of different bike racks over the years and all have disappointed me in one way or another and never have lived up to what I was expecting. So what was I after?

  1. A bike rack that would fit a standard square vehicle hitch
  2. A bike rack that I could take on rough roads and 4×4 tracks
  3. A bike rack that could interchange between my vehicle and my camping trailer
  4. A bike rack that didn’t ruin my departure angles
  5. A bike rack that still allowed me to access the back of the car
  6. A bike rack that would fit around my Kaymar bar with spare wheel and Jerry can attached.

A tall order with so many requirements but then I came across ISI Bike carriers which ticked each one. So here is the video review of my bike rack, hope you enjoy it.

As you can see this rack has exceeded my expectations and I love it, makes everything so easy and such a great design.

For more information visit the ISI Bike Carriers Website and drop them an email for a configuration that will suit you. The guys at ISI are very friendly and responsive when I was configuring mine so just let them know what you are after.

If you are after a bike carrier added to your Drifta trailer then contact the guys at Drifta who will be able to sort you out.


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