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S2S Spark 3 Sleeping BagAround 18 months ago we started researching for a new sleeping bag and pillow to use backpacking and lightweight camping.  We had quite large bulky down sleeping bags which were great for winter use but not the best for summer backpacking taking up a large amount of space and too hot for sleeping in.

Our requirements were as follows:

  • Lightweight – We have been backpacking a fair amount and wanted a bag and pillow that were as light as possible with no compromise around comfort and durability.
  • Warm – We both like a reasonably warm bag even during the summer but didn’t want to carry our 4 season bags around.
  • Size – Both the sleeping bag and pillow had to be as small as possible to reduce bulk in our sacks.
  • Durable – Quality products that will last, we like lightweight but not on the compromise of durability.

S2S Aeros Pillow 2The result after a bit of research was to give the Sea to Summit Spark 3 sleeping bag and Aeros Ultra Lightweight Pillow.  Check the video out below which we put together while backpacking the Larapinta Trail.  I provide more information after the video.

So that’s the video and as you can see we have throughly tested both products and really like them.  The only thing I would say is if we were to go for the pillow again then we would likely go for the Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight Deluxe for a bit more comfort and a larger pillow.  The standard ultralight is fine for a few nights but 18 days on the Larapinta and early nights to bed a little more pillow comfort would have been good.

What did we think of the Spark 3 sleeping bag? We came across the Spark Sea to Summit Range when looking for warmth, lightweight and pack size.  The pack size really impressed us and after looking at the temperature ratings we decided on the Spark 3.  This came in handy on some very cold nights and we always use a silk sleeping bag liner from Sea to Summit.  There were of course some warmer nights where I found the Spark 3 to be too hot so I slept in my liner and then used the sleeping bag as a blanket which seemed to do the trick.  I would always prefer to have the warmth there when needed otherwise I would have been cold some nights, although this will differ per individual.  The zip on the Spark sleeping bags only comes a third of the way down which took some getting used to and the downside is you can’t unzip the bottom to let any air in on the warmer nights.  However overall based on the requirements I was after this is a good choice in bag for backpacking and lightweight camping.  It’s worth comparing the full Spark Range which is also available in a long version.  Click here to head to Wild Earth and then Search for ‘Spark’ and the full range will appear.

Spark 3 Sleeping Bag Key Features (Checkout this link for full info): Ultra Dry High Quality Down, 850+ Loft, Pertex Shell, Fill Weight 400g, Comfort 2°C, Lower Limit Comfort -4°C, Extreme Limit -20°C.

Review Transparency…A bit of info about this review as I get asked this many times so like to make it clear… This review is for a product I purchased myself and use on my adventures.  I am not sponsored by the brand or by anyone else.  This is a genuine review of what I use and hope you find this useful.  I do have an affiliate link from an outdoor store (Wild Earth) I use for most of my gear and find their prices really good as well as their customer service.  If you find this review useful then you can use my link to connect through or you can head off and do your own research on where to buy etc. My main aim is that you find this useful and if you do buy it by clicking on my link I will get commission on it at no cost to you.


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