Canoeing the Kalbarri gorges

The Gorges in Kalbarri are beautiful and a perfect way to explore them is on the full day canoe of the gorges tour with Kalbarri Adventure ToursWe got to explore right in the heart of the National park in areas which otherwise would have been inaccessible. It was a really hot day and so we were pleased the aircon on the 4WD bus was working as we boarded outside our campsite. IMG_4476The tour was a mix of hiking and canoeing which was the perfect combination of the things we love. Our first stop was the stunning Natures Window, where the easy path lead us down to the iconic sandstone structure. The obligatory photos were taken of us sitting in the window, with stunning views across the Murchison river behind us.

The river loops around on itself here for 8km and its amazing to see. From where you stand at the view point, it looks like two different  rivers systems.



Once back in the bus we headed over to the other side of the park and to the Z-bend lookout for stunning views of this red and white stripped tumblagooda sandstone and the deep gorge below.


There were examples of fossilised eurypterid tracks here, which are common around these gorge systems and are some of the earliest fossil evidence of land animals.

The real adventure started next as we headed down a rough 4WD track, to a small pull in and had morning tea. If you’re a regular follower you will know Rich does like a good homemade cake and the huge slice of lemon cake certainly didn’t disappoint. After devouring the cake, we headed down a short but steep track into 4-Ways Gorge and then along the river bank to the canoes. The beach area is stunning with a gorgeous hanging garden and the 6km return trip down the gorge breathtaking. There was a choice of canoe’s and kayak’s and the option to travel the full 6km or as much as you like. We saw rock wallabies, black swans and pelicans as we paddled down the river, navigating large rocks and crossing beautiful beds of reeds. Once back at the start we jumped in the river for a swim and then sat and had our packed lunches we had brought along for the trip.


After lunch we climbed back out the gorge, but instead of taking the path back up,  we scrambled up a dry waterfall stopping under the impressive over hanging rock structures and playing a game of echo!

Our guide was a star and ran ahead so by the time we arrived the aircon was on as we headed back onto the rough 4WD track, effortlessly crossing the large rocks and boulders and back into town. A fantastic trip and the best way to explore the beautiful gorges of Kalbarri. We met some great people on this tour and learnt a lot more about the ecology and geology of this amazing area.

Sarah x.

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