Drifta Single Burner Camp Kitchen Review

IMG_6008After selling our camping trailer and going back to a ground tent we were looking for a camp kitchen. We had been so used to the luxury of the big Drifta kitchen within the DOT 6 Camping Trailer we were after something similar although small enough to fit in the vehicle.

There are many camp kitchens on the market which usually consist of folding out a kitchen and then getting all your kitchen boxes out including stove etc. to make the kitchen useable.  We were after something that was just like a patrol box I used to use in Scouts with everything in and ready to go.

Drifta first started with Luke Sutton making kitchens in his garage and has grown into a large successfull camping and 4WD business.  As you would expect there are quite a few different kitchens to choose from in the Drifta range so why did we choose the Single Burner Kitchen?

  1. Perfect size for sliding into the back of our Land Rover Discovery
  2. Holds all the kitchen essentials we need packed up inside, including the Stove so it’s really a grab and go rather than carrying multiple boxes.
  3. Folds out into a beautiful kitchen with a good amount of work surface, kitchen drawers, washing up station and even a hand pump so no more lifting heavy water containers.
  4. The kitchen is height adjustable so you can set it at what works for you without all the bending over.

So here is the video review…

For more information check out the Drifta Website.

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