Easter Uniflame Toaster Review

We always tend to have hot cross buns with sliced pasted eggs on them for Easter Sunday, so thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pop up a short review featuring the Uniflame Toaster available from Drifta.

The Uniflame toaster is Japanese and imported by Drifta who make a lovely boot liner bag that the toaster can live in.  When folded down it’s pretty compact so can easily slide into our kitchen drawers in the DOT camping trailer.  To fold the Toaster out it has two clips that become the handles for the toaster and then you pop it straight on top of the stove.  I find you need to use a low heat especially if you have a powerful gas stove like our Primus high output. The toaster will take two slices of bread or two hot cross buns.  I have tried building two more hot cross buns on top trying four together but you need to keep moving them round.  It’s a very quick little toaster so you need to be careful to turn at the right time before you burn anything. We paste our eggs using brown onion skins, which you pop in the pan before you bring the water to boil, it turns them a beautiful deep red colour, perfect for Easter.

We have been using this toaster now for the last 6 weeks and around 3-4 times a week.  We are loving how compact it is and seems to toast pretty well so great for breakfast and when rustling up some garlic bread etc.

So that’s about it for this review, would I buy one again, yes and if you would like one then pop over to the Drifta website and be sure to add a boot liner bag to your order.  Also a good opportunity to have a game of Jarbing each others eggs to see who cracks first 😊


Happy Easter 🐣



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