Francois Peron National Park

An old video from 2013 but now posted on our new blog!  This was one of our early trips in the D3 up to Francois Peron which we did in around a day and a half exploring en-route and then spent a few days camping on the point.

Francois Peron NP is still up there on my list of favourite places that I have seen so far in Australia.  Very accessible from Perth and most 4×4’s will be fine on the sandy track through the NP.  The colours of the dunes are amazing and most of the times we have been there you are mostly on your own camping with your own beach.

One of the 4×4 Tracks still on my bucket list is to head down to Steep Point which the most Westerly Point in Australia.  That is on the list for November 2017!


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