Freelander 2 – ARB Fridge & Dune Flag

 ARB 47L Fridge/Freezer

An essential part to the trips away and it took a while to research the Fridges from all the usual manufacturers (Waeco/Engel/ARB/EvaKool).  It all comes a lot down to personal choice and what features are useful to you…  All are able to be used as a Fridge/Freezer and I think most have a DanFoss Compressor so should be pretty reliable.  Why did I choose ARB over the others?

  1. The lid! – So the lid slides off it’s hinge which is such a useful feature if you have a smaller 4×4/limited boot space without the luxury of fridge slides etc.  Simple just open pull it off and you have full access to the fridge… clips back on so smoothly with a solid latch..  The seal is on the lid so no issues with having problems of a seal on the main fridge unit.
  2. Steel but coated in plastic… so very durable and strong but a much nicer feel to the fridge than the metal ones
  3. Handles – Easy to carry and great for tie down straps in the boot
  4. Great compartment above the compressor making the most of the fridge cpacity
  5. Great for cleaning with bung in the bottom to wash out
  6. Great basket with partition
  7. Capacity of 47L works well.. recently headed up to the Ningaloo with 4 people and fridge kept us going for a long time
  8. The usual 12/240V leads and seems to not draw a lot of power although have not done any technical tests apart from actually use it powered by my Thumper Fridge Battery… Not tested it to the point of fridge failure but I get a good 3 days and nights out of the Thumper and Fridge without any top up to the battery.
  9. Have a great ARB cover which was part of the deal at the time and adds extra insulation as well as good protection


Dune Flag

I decided to mount a dune flag on the nudge bar and used a standard aerial mount for the flag.  The flag itself is a Black Widow and it comes with a quick release bolt system making it easy for popping on the flag when heading out onto the beach.  As the nudge bar tubes are so big I had to buy a bigger set of hose clamps from a hardware store.

Black Widow –


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