Freelander 2 – Lamp Guards & Tyres

Lamp Guards

I decided to fit the front and rear FL2 lamp guards.  I was unsure on the fitting of these and rather than pay the dealer a lot of money I set about attempting this myself.  It turns out the fitting is actually quite straightforward as long as your careful.  The complicated bit is the Rivnuts which are unlike standard rivets.  IMG_1659A good invention I am sure but without a rivnut gun they are not so easy but still possible.  Rivnut guns are not that easy to come by and are expensive although if I was to do this job again I would have purchased one and then either sold it or held onto it for the next Land Rover set of parts that may require one.  The alternative mechanism is to use a couple of spanners and a bolt which tightens the back of the rivnut back onto itself or that is the theory anyhow.  It is well documented on the web if you search for fitting rivnuts.

I purchased the guards direct from the LR dealer in Perth and the pictures are below.  They look good although more styling rather than an actual practical purpose.  They may deflect the odd stone etc. if the stone hit the right place!


The tyres we had on the FL2 which came over from the UK were on the verge of being illegal so we set about looking into a new set of Tyres and decided up the Cooper AT3 (235/65R17).  Seem to get good reviews and a much better tyre than we had previously fitted in the UK, These are all terrain so a bit more grip than what we had before.  After using Coopers for a while and also using Coopers on my Discovery 3 I doubt I would ever go for them again.  I since have moved to a Bridgestone Lightweight Truck Construction that has proved very reliable over the last couple of years.  Of course you are limited by the size available for the FL2 and if a more aggressive tyre will fit.


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