Freelander 2 – Nudge Bar & Lamps

After a lot of looking around I did not find a Roo/Bull Bar that would fit the FL2 that would protect the front of the car.  What I did find was a nudge bar that would fit so decided to go for that.  I must point out that a Roo/Bull Bar made to Australian Standards is very different to a Nudge Bar.  A Roo Bar will offer good protection at the front of the vehicle and will often come with rated recovery points.  The Nudge bar offers limited protection but better than nothing and also has the advantage of somewhere to mount lights and aerials etc.  It also has the advantage of a bash plate underneath the front of the vehicle replacing the original plastic guard.


After going through all the research and fitting I think if I was to do this again I would just replace the front bash plate which is an easy job and fit the driving lights or likely an LED bar now with a couple of brackets.

The nudge bar is from Equippe Automotive and the local dealer in Perth is Midland Towbars who can order the bar in from the east coast and fit it.  I also ordered a pair of LightForce HID lamps at the same time which make a huge difference when driving along the dirt tracks at night.



Midland Towbars –

Nudge Bar –

LightForce Striker 50 –

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