Freelander 2 – Secondary Battery

Thumper Fridge Power Battery (75 Amp Hour)

A Thumper battery was my choice for secondary battery system in the Freelander.  The FL2 does not have much space for a second battery under the bonnet and this gives the flexibility to remove the battery and use it anywhere.  IMG_1824Lots of information on the web exists about the Thumper batteries including You Tube reviews and videos showing how to install.  I chose the Fridge Power battery (75AH) for the simple reason that it gave me extra hours of power with the fridge and was on special offer at the Perth camping show.  The downside is this battery has no cranking ability however that does not worry me and in fact wil actually add charge to a flat master car battery but will just take a bit longer.  I have a separate portable cranking battery so did not need this feature.

The fridge power battery lasts for around 3 days and nights powering my ARB 47L fridge and not had any problems with it.  Since the charger is via a 50Amp Anderson Connector straight back to the main battery this give a powerful charge and does not take long before it is fully charged again so unlikely to run out of power. I purchased my battery from Home of the 12V ( and then had it fitted by a local auto electrician.  Lots of useful info at home of 12v.


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