Joolca Hottap Shower Review

dscf0009Over the years I have had many forms of camp shower. I remember the first was on a Scout camp in the UK and I setup a 12v pump with shower head that would pump water from a billy full of hot water.  One of my fellow Scout Leaders (Peter Dobson – in the picture) was the first one to test this and he gave the thumbs up.  Since then I have been developing my camp shower with a few different systems. Then I came to Australia and after one failed attempt I found the Joolca Hottap.


Interestingly the same Peter came to visit me in Australia and he put to the test our shower at the time which was a Coleman hot water on demand, not long later the Coleman unit gave up and we had to replace it.

We came across Joolca and decided to give it a go. What an amazing product by an Aussie company who really know how to look after their customers.  Today it’s not enough to have a great product that works, you also need to provide a customer service that works too.

Anyway, enough of my shower story, let’s take a look at the video review…..

So in summary we highly recommend this shower setup which is available direct from Joolca, Click here for more information. All we need to do now is perfect out shower tent setup as our ageing Oztrail shower tent is almost giving up and really hard to get the shower head hanging right.  We plan on mounting a Drifta shower tent to the side of the trailer when they become available over the coming months.  Another good option is the Joolca double en-suite and or the tripod stand with shower head also available from Joolca.  So many options and we will have to try them to see which works out the best.

Update – The Joolca Shower units are now also available from Drifta who do their own custom made bag and sell this as a kit.  Check it out here.


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