Joolca Shower EnSuite and Plumbing Kit Review

IMG_2975We have used a single ensuite shower tent for many years which was the pop up style that would never stand up in the wind and I could never get it back in the bag.  We have now been trying out the Joolca double ensuite tent as well as the integrated plumbing kit.

If you are not familiar with the Joolca HotTap shower system then you can check out my review of the hot water system here.

Check out our video review…

Putting the Joolca double ensuite up for the first time takes a bit longer as you need to decide where you want to put your towel rail, pockets and gear loft. If you get the integrated plumbing you then need to install this as well. Once done you pack all this up apart from the towel rail, in one go which means the second time you erect it’s simple and all pops up with the tent. What an innovative idea from the guys at Joolca.

So what are the benefits we have found with the ensuite and plumbing kit?

  1. Shower Head is in a good position and just works, no fiddling around with water shooting the wrong way!
  2. Integrated plumbing makes things easy, just connect the hot water supply at the back and your good to go, very quick and simple once installed.
  3. Turning the shower on and off could not be easier with the little valve at waist height so anyone can do it.
  4. Ability to use the original shower hose and head with the Joolca Hottap through the use of a 3 way attachment.  Handy for filling the washing bowl or washing down anything else you like!
  5. Wet and dry room in the ensuite works so well, great to have a place to get changed and also to pop your toilet if needed.
  6. Pockets! Lots of pockets to put your bits and pieces and great idea to have a gear loft.

What’s not so good?  Well not much we can mention here apart from a double ensuite is still big to carry but as long as you have the space for it that’s not a worry.  Other than that it all works well.


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