Kickass 12V Vacuum Sealer Review

IMG_3526After a failed attempt (product did not do what it said on the tin) at purchasing a portable vacuum sealer in Perth, at a camping show we were keen to try a new product from Australian Direct which is the Kickass 12V Vacuum Sealer.  We wanted to see if this would be any better than the first attempt as it certainly seemed to tick all the boxes.


Want to find out what we thought about it? check out our video review below…

We also pimped this up with a soft boot-liner bag from Drifta (430 X 270mm).  The Vacuum sealer fits in perfectly and slides nicely away with all the rest of the camping gear.  we keep all the spare vacuum bags in here as well.

For more information here are the links:

Kickass Vacuum Sealer from Australian Direct

Drifta Bootliner Bags – You will need to ask Drifta for a bag.  Let them know you are after the Bootliner Bag that the Doble Solar Panel used to come in when they sold that.  They will know what you mean and give them the measurements of 430 X 270mm.  Just drop an email to to say you want a one the same as ours.


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