LARCing about in 1770 Amphibious Adventures 

The FFA gang hopped onboard the LARC [Lighter, Amphibious, Resupply, Cargo] which was originally designed for the US army and used in the Vietnam war.

This 1 hour tour is primarily aimed at family’s wanting to explore the area, but we had a whole range of people onboard who all had fun, including us. Our guide Blake was born in 1770 [The town not the year] and has been a tour guide for 3 years with the company. He was amazing with the kids on board and entertains you throughout the hour with a comic style history and nature quizzes, as well as throwing in lots of crazy facts! 29969856_unknown-1

After crossing up and over the sandbar, we splashed around in the surf alongside Eurimbula National Park with its beautiful Red Iron Bark trees. If you are lucky you might get to see kangaroos and emus on the beach and dolphins in the water.

There are 172 species of birds that have been seen on this tour and today we spotted Red-Capped Plovers, Pelicans, a White Breasted Sea Eagle, Ibis, an egret in flight, Pied Oystercatchers, Terns and a UFB [unidentified flying bird]

At the end of the trip we crossed over stingray craters at speed before plunged back into the water, creating a huge spray and beautiful rainbows. This vessel can tackle 3m waves and is self righting, which is pretty amazing. If you’re in the area we recommend you take a look at the range of tours they offer on their website and checkout their Facebook page.

Sarah x

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