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Rich has been reviewing lots of his favourite products and so I thought it was about time I reviewed some of mine. We only review things that we love and use on our trips camping, hiking, mountain biking and kayaking.

This trip around Australia has got me hooked on backpacking having always thought it wasn’t for me. Although I love long hikes, I was worried about carrying a heavy backpack as I have a sclerosis of the spine and I also don’t like getting wet and cold (but then who does) The overland track was on Richard’s bucket list and as this was my first experience he booked the trip with the Tasman Walking Company using private huts. That sorted the being warm and toasty bit after a wet day hiking, which just left the backpack. The company provided packs as part of the package and on the first day I was given a 65L One Planet rucksack to pack my gear into. It wasn’t a brand I had ever heard of, but as soon as I put it on and adjusted it I was happy how it felt which instantly took away some of the anxiety of walking for 6-days. As we didn’t have to carry any food or camping equipment my pack wasn’t as heavy as the independent walkers, however I  experienced no back or neck pain which was incredible and the pack was much more comfortable than I expected.

During the trip we were already planning our next backpacking adventures, Freycinet Peninsular circuit was to be the next challenge but first I needed a Rucksack. We had a few in mind, the lightweight Osprey, Macpac and Mont and now One Planet was added to the list as the lead contender. We spent an afternoon in Hobart around the outdoor shops and I came away the proud owner of a new One Planet 65L Styx rucksack all fitted and measured up by the girl in the shop at Find Your Feet [They have 3 sizes small, medium and large] The Freycinet Peninsular circuit was fantastic, we were really lucky with the weather although the sea was still cold when we jumped in for a dip. Day 2 was a challenge climbing up and over Mt Graham before the long descent into wineglass bay, so a great test with the heavier weight and again no back or neck pain. My third backpack trip was in Victoria hiking in Wilson’s Promontory, you can checkout all these hike trip reports here:

The Overland Track ♦ Freycinet Peninsular ♦ Wilson Promontary 

Now for the pros and cons with this One Planet rucksack…


The Belt strap: This is a perfect size, unlike lighter weight packs that have a narrow belt strap this one is robust. So although other backpacks may weigh less, without the right weight distribution they feel heavier.

The harness: This system is the only one certified by the Chiropractic Association of Australia and allows me to find a comfortable position, as I can make lots of different adjustments, perfect for people with s-shaped spines like me. You will find all the technical information on the The Exact Fit system here. 

The pony tail pull in: Okay this is probably not the technical term, but I love how you can pull the top of the backpack to make it concave, so you don’t bang your pony tail and head off the top … which would annoy me.

The Canvas: The unique grid patterned Waterloc canvas is tough, waterproof and built to last. Perfect for scrambling over rocks and often when I’m going down steep hills I’m on my bum, so the bottom of my Rucksack needs to be tough. You will find all the technical information on the Waterloc Canvas here.


The price tag… it’s expensive, but it’s built to last. I hope this is my first and last rucsack as I head into my 40’s and I’m planning to keep hiking as long as I can.

Water bladder: The rucksack isn’t set up for a water bladder system, which I like to use. But you can still put one in and pull the tube out the lid. The pack has two big perfectly positioned water bottle holder pockets, it’s just that I like a bladder system.

Other info: I use a sea to Summit pack cover for additional rain protection as one doesnt come as standard

I rave about this rucksack so much my husband Rich now wants one and if you do too you can order online, on the One Planet Website

Our next backpacking trips:

  • QLD
    • 32km Thorsborne Trail – Booked, June
  • NT
    • 66km Jatbula Trai – Planning stage, August
    • 223km Larapinta Trail – Planning stage, September [Our biggest challenge yet]

Sarah x


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