Oztent RV2 Camping Setup Walk Around/Review

Why an Oztent RV2?

We have had our Oztent RV2 for around 18 months now with the primary purpose to be a secondary tent when we had guests undertaking our year lap of Australia.  Our primary sleeping tent was the Drifta DOT 6 Camping Trailer and then the Oztent RV2 fitted neatly on the side of the trailer.


However due to unforseen circumstances with our vehicle we spent a few weeks in the Oztent RV2 in Tasmania and then also we slept in this when we had Sarah’s parents come to visit.  We have since sold the trailer and are now using the Oztent RV2 as our camping setup.

We have added a few extras to the standard tent as well as some Drifta modifications, which is where we purchased the RV2 tent from.

Check out the video below for a walk around of this camping setup…

We purchased the Oztent and all accessories from Drifta as not only did they have a very competitive price they also shipped the Drifta accessories and changed the size of the eyelets to fit the new poles.

What do we like about the setup in the video?

  • Easy Setup
  • Lots of space for us and for bigger families, there are of course bigger Oztents
  • Canvas Tent – hardwearing, breathable and very waterproof
  • Lots of ventilation that can also be covered by the fly when it’s wet
  • Good size awning with optional walls depending on the weather
  • Fits in the Single Burner Drifta Kitchen Perfectly
  • Good storage space under the wings of the flysheet
  • Drifta Bag – fits everything in rather than having seperate bags and is also very weatherpoof.


What doesn’t work so well?

So only a couple of things really.  The more you put up the longer it takes which is of course obvious, however the basic Oztent is so quick but then putting the awning up and pegging out the fly does take a bit longer, no longer than other setups though.  The other thing would be the awning and water pooling.  You need to get the pitch right on the awning to allow water to run off, but the very front of the awning does seem to still pool a little.


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