Projecta 80W Foldable Solar Panel Review


img_2362I have been using the Projecta 80W Foldable Solar Panel for the last 18 months so this review is based on the experience of being on lots of trips in Western Australia, and for the last 6 months on our big lap around Australia.  I knew I needed a solar panel when I purchased my new DOT6 camping trailer from Drifta but which panel to go for I was not sure.  I didn’t want a huge suitcase type foldable panel as space was going to be at a premium for our big trip.  I also didn’t really want to pay for one of the then new on the market solar blankets which cost a fortune for a decent one.

I came across the Projecta 80W foldable panel which is also available in a 120W/180W version as well.  This ticked all the boxes of what I was looking for so I purchased it from Drifta when I bought the camping trailer.  Drifta change the crocodile clips on the cable to an Anderson plug which makes things easy for connection.  Checkout the panel on the Drifta Website here.  Drifta also stock the Projecta 120W panel if you need more power.

I have popped together a video of this review which you can find below, hope you enjoy.


You may be wondering what setup I have in terms of what I am powering and how I have it configured.  You can check out my post on this setup here.
In conclusion if I were to buy another solar setup I would definitely go for the Projecta foldable panels.  I might go for the 120W if I were to buy today to give me some additional headroom for future power needs but for now the 80W does the job very well and I may never need anymore than that.  You just need to have a think about what your requirements really are.

To checkout the full specs then visit the Projecta website.


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