Sea to Summit X Series, Jetboil and Snow Peak for backpacking cooking.

After purchasing our Jet Boil and Jetset Utensils Kit, IMG_3276we started looking at lightweight, compact accessories to complement our cooking set-up. As much as possible we enjoy cooking and eat good food when backpacking. We normally have fresh red meat which we freeze for the first two nights and then move to freeze dried products. like Strive and Backcountry meals. Yes its a little extravagant, yes its extra weight but we enjoy rustling it up and sometimes even carry some red wine. Therefore we were looking for a pan which we could create and rehydrate meals in that wouldn’t compromise pack weight. We came across the sea to summit X-Pot and then purchased more X-series products which neatly stacked inside it. We have the bowl and two large mugs, the plastic cutlery set and then use the bowl attached to the jet boil for the two of us. We also bought the jet boil stainless steel pot support, which enables our X-pot to be used with our Jetboil stove.

Why we love this system

  • The X-pot when you turn it upside down becomes a metal chopping board.
  • They are all lightweight and stackable
  • They are all constructed from food grade silicone and are BPA free
  • The mug has a rigid rim that makes it easy to drink from

One other product worth a mention in the picture above is the strange looking metal object above the x-mugs!  This is the Snow Peak Coffee Dripper which we use every morning on our backpacking trips to make fresh coffee.  I have included the link below so you can check it out.

For more information on these products you can check out the links below…

Review Transparency…A bit of info about this review as I get asked this many times so like to make it clear… This review is for a product I purchased myself and use on my adventures.  I am not sponsored by the brand or by anyone else.  This is a genuine review of what I use and hope you find this useful.  I do have an affiliate link from an outdoor store (Wild Earth) I use for most of my gear and find their prices really good as well as their customer service.  If you find this review useful then you can use my link to connect through or you can head off and do your own research on where to buy etc. My main aim is that you find this useful and if you do buy it by clicking on my link I will get commission on it at no cost to you.

Sarah x.

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