Top 5 Beach Accessories

Hitting the beach in Australia is a must, so we have reviewed some our top 5 favourite items to take down with you to stay safe in the sun and have a great time. What’s special about all but one of these products is that they have been designed in Australia or by Australians. All of them have been cleverly designed to be functional, hardwearing and very practical.

Drifta Beach Bag

Having a big bag to pop everything in is essential when you head down to the beach. We love and always now use our Drifta beach bag. It comes in green and pink but ask about other colours which Drifta are launching. It also has a handy big pocket inside. Here it is in action at Lake Mckenzie and Champagne pools on Fraser Island in QLD.

For more information on Frazer Island checkout our trip report

Tesalate Beach Towel

I have never had so many people compliment me about a towel! The Tesalate Towel patterns are just gorgeous. The towel is huge for the small size it packs down into, its absorbent and quick drying. The intelligent fabric means sand doesn’t stick to it either, which is great as I always seem to be covered in sand. I have tested all these features over the last few months while we have been exploring Queensland. I have taken it hiking up to waterfalls for a swim in the pools, lying on sandy beaches on gorgeous islands and on a boat trip snorkelling.

Use the code: THANKS10 for a 10% discount, your only problem will be choosing a design.

Sun Bum Sun Cream 

I discovered Sun Bum last year and have not used anything else since. It offers all the protection you expect from a high quality sun cream and there are a range of factors and formulas. I love the zinc for my face and use the factor 30 cream in winter and 50 in summer. It smells amazing too with a hint of coconut, which just smells of summer. It rubs in really easily, even the higher factors which I find other brands don’t.

Funkita Swimwear

The Funkita swimwear is just amazing, I love all the designs, style and the fit is perfect. As a triathlete I use it both for training and competing as well as the beach.


Otentik Sun Shelter

The Otentik sun shelter is the one brand I’m reviewing that isn’t Aussie but its such a good product, I didn’t want to leave it out. It’s easy to put up, doesn’t require any pegs and is really light weight. On a super hot sunny day if you want to spend time on the beach a sun shelter is essential. Here we are on the Sunshine Coast, for more info on this area, checkout our Sunshine Coast Diaries Part 1, 2 and 3

Sarah x

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