Uniflame Campfire Table Review

IMG_3103The Uniflame Campfire Table is a great little table which we use by the fire pit and as a coffee/breakfast table.  What we like about it is the height works so well from our Helinox camping chairs, perfect for a drinks table.  The table works equally well next to the Snow Peak Fire Pit for preparing food and using it to assist when cooking and keep things off the ground.

The table is simple to erect as I show in the video below and folds flat.  It has a metal top surface which is great as easy to clean and not easily damaged.  The metal surface has a pattern on it which makes it grippy and feels great.  The two wooden edges are a nice feature with the Uniflame logo.

IMG_3095All in all quite a sexy little table that does the job well.  Paired with the Drifta Uniflame Campfire Table bag this keeps the scratches off the table while travelling and makes it easy to pull in and out of storage.

I have put together a video review here…


For details on the table please visit the Drifta Website here



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