Uniflame Charcoal Starter Review

The Uniflame Charcoal Starter is something we came across when looking at ways to light Charcoal without having to get a fire going first or use lighting blocks and hoping they take light.  There are lots of various charcoal starters on the market but they are big and bulky which maybe fine for the garden but not much good when heading off camping.

The Uniflame Charcoal starter packs flat and if you buy the matching Drifta soft bag you have a nice little unit that can be slipped inside the vehicle or into the camping trailer etc.  The charcoal takes about 30 minutes to catch light and you can leave it doing it’s thing without having to look after it.

Checkout my video review here…


Where do I get this? – From Drifta.com.au – Unilfame Charcoal Starter & Bag – Click Here


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